Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, EA
Losing sleep because you owe THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in
taxes to the government?
Free report reveals 7 ways to keep out of trouble with the IRS
Who is this report for?
If you think you fall into one or more of the following categories, then this report is for you:

* You believe you owe more than you can pay

* You are not up to date with multiple tax returns

* You are not up to date with payments

* You owe taxes and you have cash, but paying your tax bill will   cripple  your cashflow              

* You want to shave thousands of dollars off of your tax bill

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This guide alone could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, save your reputation with the IRS and most importantly help you sleep much better at night.
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About Roshawnna Novellus 

We all have problems and roadblocks that may be real or imaginary. My clients know that they have someone in their corner that will help them get back on track and remind them of their goals. I feel compelled and passionate about giving this sense of support to my clients and to the community at large. Starting Novellus Financial to help people achieve their goals and go after their dreams was a natural step for me. My passion for teaching Financial Literacy evolved while volunteering for the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) in 2011 and 2012. The program gave me the platform to provide free tax advice and preparation to low income taxpayers. After this opportunity, I started community financial empowerment seminars for families to educate them about their financial options.

Client testimonials 

“...Staying focused on what’s important to keep the business moving forward and profitable can be a daunting task. For this reason I retained the services of Dr. Novellus of Novellus Financial. After interviewing me to define what I do, how I operate and understand my goals and challenges she developed a comprehensive business strategy. Her financial and business strategies addressed my short, medium and long - range goals ...” - Phillip Roney, President, PHR Construction Services, LLC 

“... Roshawnna is beyond stellar! She not only commands a supreme knowledge of personal finance and busines s tax policies/procedures, she warmly advises you and your needs as a friend. She has helped and educated me with my personal taxes, then business and now my non - profit finances. When it comes to financial solutions, hands down, Novellus F inancial is the solution! ” - Jeremiah Ojo , Art Director, Creative Placemaker & Cultural Diplomat 

“... I never thought about how much more revenue I could make if my business was scalable. The reality is you cannot run your company the same when you are a solopreneur as you would with a team of 5. I have streamlined my workflow, and increased my profit margins and totally credit Dr. Novellus with it all! If you are ready to grow, or are struggling with the pain now, Dr. Novellus is the answer ...” - Meredith Allan - Engler , Marketing Consultant, Talk Show Host broadcasting on YouTube and NBC 5. 

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