The Budgeting is More Liberation Than Limitation
Virtual Bootcamp
Why Do I need A Liberation Bootcamp???

The Bootcamp is designed for those who have dreams of changing their lives for the better, but often get distracted by what life has to offer. 

To be accepted into the bootcamp:

  • You understand how amplifying your wealthy can help you reach your goals.
  • You are ready to go after your dreams now.
  • You don’t want to settle for anything less than your ideal lifestyle. 
  • You have an investing-in-yourself mindset. 
  • When you look at your life in 10 years from now. You known that if you don't make changes, you will not be living your ideal lifestyle.
How do I know if I'm not a good Fit ???

You're not a good fit for the bootcamp if you don't have urgency to reach your financial goals. 

You're also a poor fit if:

  • You don't have the discipline to determine what you want out of life
  • You prefer living the dreams of others over you own
  • You obtain no personal satisfaction from reaching your goals
  • You don't have discipline
  • You cannot commit to a 5 module program.

What you will get from this bootcamp:

  • A reasonable budget that you can actually use in your daily life
  • Q + A sessions that will help you resolve any questions that you have with your budget
  • A jump start to living the life that you deserve
  • 5 training Modules that you can use over and over again to remind you of the steps necessary to reach your dreams.

If there are two things that get in the way of you putting together a budget and having a conversation with your money, they are most likely :

1) Putting the time aside i.e. 'making space' for doing  budgeting 

2) Even if  time is available, you have inadequate skills and knowledge

to build and effective budget....So you just don't bother.

The Budgeting is more Liberation than Limitation Bootcamp is specifically designed to overcome both of these challenges. attending, you will automatically have to make space and time for working on your budgeting, and

Secondly.....You will completely TRANSFORM your life by planning and achieving your life, family and financial goals.  

What happens during the course?

During the Bootcamp over a period of 5-6 weeks, you will learn, develop and practice all the techniques that I cover in my book "Budgeting is More Liberation than Limitation" (more on the book later) and a whole lot more! 

You can expect to learn some new techniques, and you will have plenty of opportunity to ask me questions about your own personal situation.

We spend large portions of our lives working. The purpose is to exchange our time and expertise for the opportunity to lead the lives we desire. However, work alone does not confer the ideal life. Integration with a budget – i.e. wise decision making, planning, and discipline – reigns imperative.

Above your everyday needs – what do you want out of life? If you want to be elsewhere – how and how soon can you get there? Your finances should be a reflection of your life goals.

This is why most people don’t even attempt to use effective budgeting of their money and resources. But this is also the very reason why the average person stresses about money, doesn’t seem to have enough of it, and can’t have the things and freedom they really want, not to mention the average person is virtually buried in credit card debt and other forms of debt.

So now we know that we definitely don’t want to be average when it comes to how we think about money, or with our habits around money. And I’d imagine that you are somewhere in between, maybe you are managing your money moderately well, but still know there is room for improvement, or maybe you are behind and you realize that you need to make some changes in the way you manage your finances.

The next logical question, is how do financially successful people think about budgeting, saving, and money management? Successful people take almost the exact opposite approach to budgeting. Successful people see budgeting as a tool of freedom. They love budgeting because they know that it will allow them the freedom and power to have exactly what they want, to be debt free, and to live in abundance instead of fear.

The invitation I want to offer you is to learn and implement the simple, proven, and powerful techniques used by the financially successful to develop the habits, beliefs, and mindset that will empower you to take full control of your financial situation now, and into the future, and to live a lifestyle that you truly love.

Maybe you would like to travel more, or drive a nicer car. Or maybe you would like to be able to buy your family and friends gifts that they just love, or just to get yourself out of debt that has been weighing on you every moment of the day and night.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever your personal goals are, I’m here to tell you that you can have it all. You just a push in the right direction, and I’ve worked to position myself to be able to help give you that push, along with a like-minded community of go getters, who will hold you accountable to reach your goals.

I know that Budgeting Is More Liberation Than Limitation will change your life for the better, but it’s up to you if you are ready for change or not. I sincerely hope that you will join us on this journey to an abundant life, and decide for yourself that you are willing to make the simple changes that will afford you the live you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll see you on the inside.

Book Reviews

“This book is a fantastic must read because so many of us stress over our finances. As the chapters progress, it becomes extraordinarily clear that we all need to set goals for a budget, and that it truly is liberating. The book is a fantastic gift that really demands to be shared with anyone you know and love this year. It also reminded me that it is really never too late to find financial freedom. I can’t wait for the author’s next book.”

Meredith Allan, Host of The Meredith Show on NBC

"Dr. Novellus provides a practical blueprint to develop a budget for a more enriching life on a journey towards retirement rather than for the sole purpose of retirement. I personally leveraged these concepts to allow for my last sabbatical. Whether it's your first time developing a budget or you have done it before, it's a beneficial read for all experience levels."

K Pramod Reddy, General Partner at CTW Venture Partners and Catalyst at  Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech
Live a Fabulous Life with Smart Money Decisions

Living the life of your dreams may not be as expensive as you think. There a some surprisingly simple, but extremely powerful techniques that you can use right now to get more for your money, just by using it a bit smarter. This won’t require an enormous amount of willpower, or any “extreme” commitments. And although budgeting is part of the process, budgeting does not mean cheap, lower value, sacrifice, or struggle.

In fact, by learning to budget your money and therefore use it more efficiently, you will actually end up with nicer things, and more money for the things that really matter to you. Learning to manage your money and make smart financial decisions will empower you to live a life that you absolutely love.

When the average person imagines the idea of budgeting, saving, or managing money in general, they will usually resist the idea. Why? Because the average person feels a sense of claustrophobia around the idea of budgeting, seeing it as a restriction upon their freedom.

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